Whale Loans
⚡Flash Minting
The Whale Loans flash minting platform for ERC20 and BEP20 tokens allows anyone to mint an arbitrary number of new tokens into their wallet, as long as the minter burns the exact number of tokens before the end of the transaction.
Whale Loans was built with the mission of giving everyone access to the power of DeFi. The flash minting platform enables anyone to execute flash loan strategies with lower fees and no liquidity limits, which results in more profits. We will be creating no-code solutions to allow both devs and non-devs to create complex strategies.
For detailed information on flash-minting, see our blog post or FAQ.

Flash-Mintable Tokens

Flash-mintable tokens (FMTs) allow flash minting -- the ability for anyone to mint an arbitrary amount of tokens into their wallet, as long as they also burn the same amount of tokens before the end of the transaction. You can think of FMTs as "credit tokens." Flash-minting is like "running up a tab," and burning the tokens at the end of the transaction is equal to "paying off your tab." If you don't "pay off your tab" before the end of the transaction, the transaction is reverted.

Asset-Backed Tokens

Asset-backed tokens are 1-to-1 backed and trustlessly redeemable for some other asset. For example, Wrapped Ethereum (WETH). The important thing to know about asset-backed tokens is that they have exactly the same market value as their underlying asset. One wrapped token will always be worth exactly one token, and vice versa.

Flash-Mintable Asset-Backed Tokens

A flash-mintable asset-backed token is:
  1. 1.
    Asset-backed, everyone can accept them at full face value because they know the wrapped asset can always be redeemed for the underlying asset.
  2. 2.
    Flash-mintable, anyone can mint an arbitrary amount of unbacked-tokens and spend them at full face value, so long as they destroy the unbacked tokens before the end of the transaction.

Why integrate flash-mintable asset-backed tokens?

Integrating flash-mintable asset-backed tokens allows all traders to act like whales. Traders now have access to as much money as they need to execute their desired trading strategy.
Flash minting allows devs to completely remove their dependence on third-party flash-lending platforms. This saves them gas and fees, while giving them access to near limitless liquidity on-demand.
Note that flash-mintable asset-backed tokens aren't limited by liquidity pools like flash-loans.