Whale Loans

❓ FAQs

What is Whale Loans?

​Whale Loans is a venture focused on designing a scalable and defendable ecosystem that removes the complexity in and around DeFi and distributes value to its users. In layman’s terms, we are creating an “easy button” for a better user experience.

What is the reason for launching Whale Loans?

To give everyone the opportunity to be a whale.

I'm confused, are you an OHM fork or loans?

We are releasing a series of products to give anyone the ability to become a whale. Our central token is the Humpback Token (HUMP) and a portion of the fees from our products will be used as additional backing, potentially giving our token an infinite runway for staking rewards. The remaining fees will be used to improve the protocol through marketing or anything else deemed necessary.

Should I bond or stake?

The general rule of thumb is to bond if you have the right assets and the bond discount is higher than the 5-day staking ROI. Otherwise, you should buy on the market (https://whaleswap.finance) and stake.

How can I help?

Glad you asked! Join the Discord and give us your feedback.